A downloadable game for Windows

Wild Wild W... is a 1 or 2 player game whose first incarnation was done in 52-ish hours for the Train Jam 2017.
The original team consisted of

  • Thomas Bousquet (Game Design and AI/Prop Programmer)
  • Grey Davenport (Music and SFX)
  • Simon Engelbrecht-Sorens (Level Design, 3D Character & Props and Choreography)
  • Zak Handler (3d Environment and props Art)
  • Dane Wheaton (Game Design, Character Programmer).

With a flabby arm contribution from Kaveh Tabar and original End Credits by Chris Harbin.

The theme was 'unexpected anticipation' so we won't reveal much but this game is best played with 2 pads. but support 2 players on keyboard: WASD + space for player 1 and Arrow Keys + Right Shift for player 2.

Maybe this will be updated, maybe not :)


WildWildW... J+6.zip 23 MB